Aircraft Management

Whether you are seeking turnkey support of an outsourced flight department, logistical services, maintenance management or a solution to offset the cost of owning an airplane with charter, Charter Jet Transport will design a custom program for you to fit your specific needs. We will handle all your aircraft management needs while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Qualified Flight Crew

Charter Jet Transport has a proven track record of recruiting and hiring skilled, experienced pilots that consistently provide our clients with a great travel experience. Our highly trained, professional flight crew is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of your flight. Our experienced team includes pilots who adhere to the highest levels of aviation safety and performance.

Turnkey Aircraft Services

• Charter Flight & Aircraft Management
• 24-hour Logistics, Scheduling, Dispatch
• Aircraft Pilot/Crew Staffing & Training
• Maintenance Supervision & Administration        
• Aircraft Detailing
• Safety Regulating & Permitting

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